What makes a great team?

They get it in writing.
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"Weekly Update is my #1 management tool. Our meetings are more efficient and everyone understands our goals."
Eric Buckner
CEO, 10 Fitness
Eric Buckner at 10 Fitness is a Customer
Shorter meetings
Sharing status updates in writing means meetings can instead focus on strategy.
More Clarity
Getting goals, objectives and progress in writing keeps everyone on the same page.
Better Results
Holding everyone accountable for their objectives leads to better results.

Truly simple.

"I setup Weekly Update in literally 3 minutes. It's that easy, and the benefit for my team has been incredible."
Gordon Jones
Dean, Boise State University
Gordon Jones at Boise State is a Customer
No app to install
Employees don't need to install an app or create an account.
No sign-in required
Employees access Weekly Update from their inbox.
No training
Employees simply click a link in their email each week and fill out a form.

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