What is PPP (Plans, Progress, Problems)?

by Greg Skloot
Status Reports   |   1 Min Read
plans progress problems

PPP is a framework for sharing team status updates:

There are many similar formats, such as “top objectives, concerns, plan for next week.” Consider:

1. Always get it in writing

Status updates should always be done in writing, so meetings can be focused on discussion and debate. Check out Weekly Update for a simple tool to share written status updates each week with your team.

2. Respond to each update

When a team member shares an update, it’s valuable for the manager to acknowledge wins and jump in to provide feedback on blockers.

Shorter meetings. Real accountability.
Try Weekly Status Updates

3. Use the updates as conversation starters

Every time someone submits an updates is an opportunity to start a conversation. It might be to brainstorm how to solve a problem that was highlighted in the “Concerns/Problems” section, or perhaps give props for a project recently completed.

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