Growing Fast? 5 Ways to Keep the Team Aligned

by Greg Skloot
Management   |   3 Min Read
team growth

1. Over-communicate

Leadership teams that excel put extra effort into effective communication. That means documenting important initiatives, having a weekly Monday morning executive team meeting and doing weekly status summaries with a tool likeĀ Weekly Update.

2. Be radically honest

When a growing team is communicating frequently, they should also be radically honest. If something sucks, we should say so. If someone is doing a great job, we should also say so. Everyone gets along best when there are no politics and we can all act authentically.

Shorter meetings. Real accountability.
Try Weekly Status Updates

3. Promote A players, remove B and C players

A players want to work with other A players. A simple way of ensuring everyone gets along is by only keeping A players on the team. Otherwise, there will be natural tensions when A players expect more than B/C players can deliver.

4. Clearly define roles

There should be no ambiguity on who is responsible for what. With rapid growth comes frequent shifting of responsibilities. Get that in writing and formalize it. Anything unspoken/unwritten is a recipe for conflict.

5. Always bring it back to results

At the end of the day, ensure that decisions are based upon results. That means promotions, team focus, etc. When the team is clear that results are what matter, they can hold each other accountable to deliver.

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