Can Bad Teams with Great Ideas Succeed?

by Greg Skloot
Small Business   |   1 Min Read
bad employee

Will the company still make some money? Maybe.

Will the company ultimately be successful? Unlikely.

Business opportunities are only as good as the people executing. Most ideas are far from unique… all that counts is the execution. Consider the following to help get the leadership team to a better spot:

1. Create alignment and accountability

To perform well, a management team need to be aligned on what the goals are and who is responsible for what. Define this in writing, and use a product like Weekly Update to have everyone share progress each week. This should be in addition to a weekly leadership team meeting.

2. Cut low performers, promote work horses

If a management team is full of low performers, change the composition of the management team. Cut people that aren’t delivering, and recruit higher caliber ones. This is certainly easier said than done.

3. Ensure everyone understands their role

Often, leadership teams struggle when responsibilities are duplicated. To avoid that, ensure everyone understands their role and how success is measured for them individually and the team.

Shorter meetings. Real accountability.
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