5 Ways to be Resulted Oriented

by Greg Skloot
Management   |   3 Min Read
results oriented

Being outcome focused means caring most about the what, not the how.

Specifically, outcome-focused teams value results over everything else. They are strongly opposed to micromanagement and give leaders lots of flexibility to achieve results in their own way. In order to lead an outcome focused team, consider:

1. Define the expected results

To be outcome focused, we need to know what the desired outcome is. This can be as simple as setting some measurable goals, like a quarterly sales target. This process cannot be opaque – everyone needs to understand exactly what success looks like.

2. Track progress in writing

As the team is executing on these goals, we need to be able to track progress and hold them team accountable. Consider using an app like Weekly Update to have team member share a summary of what is on their plate and any blockers in their way. This gives you a written record of how the team is progressing towards the outcome.

Shorter meetings. Real accountability.
Try Weekly Status Updates

3. Don’t accept excuses

Outcome-focused teams loath excuses. We may try lots of experiments to get to the outcome and 90% of them could fail. All that matters is that we ultimately got to the outcome we set out for.

4. Prioritize collaboration and avoid competition

Teams that care most about the outcome must work together. When leaders are pitted against each other and must fight for resources, the result is often poor performance across the board.

5. Ensure that expected outcomes are realistic and fair

It’s worthy to note that the expected outcome needs to be grounded in reality and actually be feasible for the existing team with existing resources to achieve. If the CEO puts out a sales target plan that is double last quarter’s plan with no resource or product change, it’s unrealistic the sales team will just be 100% more productive 3 months later.

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