4 Tips to Help your Team Share More

by Greg Skloot
Communication   |   2 Min Read
team sharing

1. Build sharing information into weekly processes

Effectively communicating and sharing knowledge is all about building habits. If your team’s culture promotes processes to share information regularly, the team is far more likely to do it. Consider an app like Weekly Update to share quick written status updates each week and keep the team aligned.

2. Provide feedback whenever information is shared

People want validation when they share something. This might be a quick reply to an email saying “Makes sense — thanks!” but that tells the person who shared that you took the time to read what they wrote and cared.

Shorter meetings. Real accountability.
Try Weekly Status Updates

3. Avoid complex tools that require a big commitment

If sharing information is contingent on everyone adopting a bulky project management system, expect participation to decline. Any tool you use needs to be very lightweight in order for people to actually build the habit of using it.

4. Share in writing

Always get important information in writing. Never assume that someone will retain information discussed verbally in a meeting. It must be recapped in writing or else we can’t hold each other accountable for the action items.

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