3 Quick Ways to Manage Complexity

by Greg Skloot
Small Business   |   1 Min Read
complex business

Most small businesses can get complex quickly. Use these 3 tips to keep it under control:

1. Define clear roles and responsibilities

The #1 source of frustration when a small business is grows is people not understand their role and responsibility. This ambiguity is distracting for everyone. To avoid it, document everyone’s role and responsibility. This might include org charts, job descriptions and clear reporting structures.

2. Add some operating process

Process can help break down complex actions into smaller, more digestible steps. This includes planning goals each year, month and quarter. It also involves having weekly executive team and staff meetings.

3. Implement lightweight tools

It’s never good to just throw a new software platform into the mix to address complexity… in some cases it makes things even more complex! Consider simple tools that enable you to keep track of top action items and issues in writing. This is where the idea for Weekly Update came from.

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